What is U-Cube?

A research center for energy efficiency and thermal comfort

U-Cube is a project by the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Griesheim and the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg. Two Jugend-Forscht projects created the vision for an experimental investigation of the energy efficiency of various heat transfer systems (heaters). It quickly became apparent that because of the different physical interactions with the exterior wall, heat transfer systems are comparable only to comfort criteria. U-CUBE puts human beings and their needs at the center of energy efficiency research, and that is why students of cooperating universities and colleges are developing a machine that can carry out such investigations, together: U-CUBE. The GHS wants more and better education, wants to promote and challenge its students, wants to prepare the generation of tomorrow for a constantly changing reality of life - basically, it wants quality! The research center can fulfill many requirements in an extra-curricular way as it forms a bridge between craftsmanship on one hand, but also university research on the other. It links issues of financing with legal aspects of intellectual property and the value of expertise. It makes the Arduino the tool of a Generation 4.0. At U-CUBE, students who like to solder or work with wood meet with those who like to program and those who want to do research. Everyone is united by a certain curiosity and the pride to create something new. They get to know many professional fields, cooperate with apprentices and students and discover that it is also possible to conduct top-level research as a team of students. Last but not least, a great deal of knowledge also flows back into regular lessons - from physics and computer science to geography, english, politics and economics.

Richtfest - 20. september 2017 (source: Griesheimer Anzeiger)